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Mini Incline in Castle Rock

The mini incline is Castle Rock is located at Phillip S. Miller park off plumcreek pkwy. The incline is not as steep as the Manitou incline but is certainly a challenge in itself. The incline is about 200 steps that are sturdy and wide enough to accomodate several people The trip up will definitely get the heart rate going. It is a great workout and you can walk down the trail or the steps themselves. The entire park has fields, a indoor pool and several zip lines. Come and enjoy one of the many things Castle Rock has to offer residents.uptheminiincline


Being a buyer in a sellers market

Denver is currently a sellers paradise. If you have a home to sell you are certainly in the drivers seat. One your home hits the MLS you will most likely have in excess of 20 showing within the first couple days. Then you will receive multiple offers some may be higher than your asking price. As the seller this is great because you are going to sell your home to a qualified buyer and walk away with more money than you originally thought, but what if you are are the buyer? As a buyer the task of finding a home can be daunting. You search and finally find what you think is the perfect home for your family only to be in competition with several other buyers.

It can be very discouraging as a buyer in this type of marker. There are a few ways to make your offer stand out over the others.

  1. Price- You need to make your first offer the best, as you may not get another chance when in a bidding war
  2. Down Payment and loan terms- Buyers with more down payment may be viewed as a stronger buyer by the seller
  3. Contract Terms- If you ask the seller to pay for inspections and closing cost remember this subtracts from their bottom line making your offer less
  4. Contingencies- Most offers have contingencies such as inspection, appraisal and loan. These allow for the buyer to get out of the contract while still retaining their earnest money. If you shorten the time for these contingencies you may seem like a stringer buyer in the eyes of the seller.
  5. Time to close- If you push the closing out past 30 days the seller has to wait for their proceeds and possibly also wait to close on their next home. You will be stronger in the sellers eyes by having a closing date of no more than 30 days.

City of Castle Rock

City of Castle Rock.



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